ARIES – Travel or movement is seen. You might opt for a new job or studying in another town or your present office may move to another location. Also a fantastic week for enjoyment of strong committed friendships and relationships.   

TAURUS  – You are in a serious, sober, intellectual frame of mind. You are able to deal with all your problems and monetary issues in a detached and dispassionate manner. Your intellect seems to be working fine, however, be careful about your cut and dried approach towards personal relationships.    

GEMINI – Stressful intense mental activity bordering on fighting with self to come to clear cut decisions and similar communication with the people around you is what this week is made up of. A better way to deal with this week would be to put down on paper the pros and cons of whatever decisions you want to make and later read it in a detached manner to see the best possible solution.    

CANCER – Those working in journalism, media or foreign MNCs will do very well. There could be a promotion or a pay rise or some kind of an achievement that will bring you in limelight. Relationships are all that you could have ever dreamt of. Expect communications and visitors from abroad.   

LEO – A completely new beginning seems to be in store for you in almost every area of life, which is not a surprise as the new moon on 27th July was in your sign. This includes all areas of life like work, relationships and new situations or circumstances. You may be initially thrown off because of all these changes. However, if you take them in your stride and work well and positively, the eventual result will be more positive.    

VIRGO – Life seems to offer you a second chance to live your dreams, fulfill your desires and show the world your worth both professionally and personally. You need to take quick decisions this week so as to avail all the opportunities that are coming your way. Keep only what works and do away all that has become obsolete and redundant. Give gratitude to the universe for giving you this chance.    

LIBRA – Legal contracts, documents, paper work for new jobs or buying property etc seem to be coming up this week. You might get legally married or divorced. Those involved in court cases should hear positive news. Basically endings and new beginnings seem to be coming up this week.    

SCORPIO – Great week for partnership both in work and personal relationships. Expect a lot of help and cooperation coming your way even in normal office situations. Those involved in creative work will do far better than others who may be in intellectual spheres. Enjoy the bliss of thriving relationships.      

SAGITTARIUS – Some wish in an important area of your life will get fulfilled this week. This could be a wonderful new job, promotion, pay rise, buying new property, etc. A dream wish in some area of your life is coming to fulfillment bringing you a lot of joy and happiness. Show gratitude to the universe.   

CAPRICORN –  Please be careful of all your important documents, paperwork and money as misplacing them or losing them through theft is a likelihood. Work will get done through

connections and pulling of strings. As far as relationships are concerned, you really need to figure out your mind and then speak it as clearly as possible rather than sitting on the fence.    

AQUARIUS – Expect happenings, communication and success or at least progress in all area related to work and spirituality. Expect to get sudden inspiration and creative solutions to ongoing work issues. The only area to watch pout for is your own temperamental behavior which could cause a slowing down or such behavior of someone in your immediate circle.  

PISCES – Those working from home on the internet will do well. Communication related to property, shares or your investments will be progressive, good and heartening. If you are looking to buy or sell a property this is the time. In relationships you are willing to do your bit but there does not seem to be any great emotional connect. More like a sense of duty.

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